About Us

2017 - 2018 Board Roster

Andee Bock - President
Jennifer Hamilton - Vice-President
Jeanette Landis / Dennie Wolfgang - Treasurer
Glenn Showalter / Jeffrey Crabbe - Recording Secretary
Che' Carico - Corresponding Secretary
Anne Rittenberry - Historian

Youth Representatives
Katie Hamilton - Maddie Meier
Maggie Meller - Ryan Parker

Board Members
Jennifer Baggett - Cameron Beeching - Elizabeth Burnette - Shandra Burnett
Sue Christensen - Erin Corcoran - Stephen Davis - Jim Fields - Michelle Ford
Tim Forsythe - Seth Graham - Michael Huseman - Theresa Kitchell - Christi Meier
Dennis Parker - Cara Rock - Renee Shoop - Ames Williams

Foundation Members
Lee Abelson - Che' Carico - Sue Christensen - Charles Dunlap - Dick Gee - Scott Jones
Jeanette Landis - Amy Meller - Janet McInturff - Anne Rittenberry - Anne Roza
Larry Scoggins - Glenn Showalter - Dennie Wolfgang - Joy Worley

Meetings held the third Tuesday of each month.

The Purpose of the Signal Mountain Playhouse is to produce plays and similar activities so youth and adults may participate as members of the cast or in supporting activities, to educate and train young people through association with adults who are also participating, and to provide quality entertainment to people of all ages.

These plays and promotions of other types of entertainment will be presented using casts and crews who are residents of the Mountain to the extent feasible. All income shall be used only for the purpose of enhancing production quality, furthering the growth of the organization, and for purposes deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.